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Version 3.14

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Have seen UI automated testing failed in many projects, How will TestWise make any difference?

The observation is correct and we respect people who have the courage to speak out their failure (many projects just buy expensive testing tool, record a few tests, and tick 'Automated Testing' checkbox, period):

TestWise is different, we don't have sales person to try to convince you with "buy our tool, it is simple as 'record-n-playback'". While GUI automated testing is known easy to break down, TestWise provides various support to maintain and develop test scripts in an easy and efficient way. Automated testing gets harder if no commitment and collaboration from the whole team. However, the benefits are great, far greater than the effort.

"It is scary to think of software development without TestWise after using it" - user feedback

Frustrations with other Testing Tools   TestWise
Complex and hard to learn Learn in minutes, check out ScreenCasts
Complicated, vendor propriate test scripts Easy-to-read, open-source and free test framework
UI Automated Test Scripts are hard to mainain Refactoring support using Page Objects
Expensive Personal use: Free, Commercial Use (in a team): from $1000
Restrictive: one syntax Freedom to choose the combination of
Selenium WebDriver, Watir, Watir-WebDriver, RWebSpec with RSpec and Cucumber


I don't have programming skills, Can I still develop automated tests with TestWise?

Certainly. As a matter of fact, this tool was built with non-programmers in mind!

We don't believe output from 'record-n-playback' tools are proper test scripts for real world without testers' refinement. Therefore, people may wonder that if testers don't have full understanding of test scripts (commonly in proprietary syntax), how can they make changes? (Is there anybody still believing the fairy tale of 'requirement never changes ...')

Developing test scripts in TestWise might look like programming, but it is much simpler and easier than many could have (without programming) thought. What do you think of the below test scripts?

 enter_text('username', 'bob')
 enter_password('password', 'thetester')
 page_text.should include('Welcome Bob')

The best place to learn TestWise is to try some sample tests under samples\ folder. Then create your own project folder and first test with TestWise Recorder . You will be surprised to see how easy to get a hang of it!


Is the test framework reliable?

Yes. The test framework used in TestWise is RWebSpec, an extension of popular Watir. You can check it out on Watir Testimonials. Watir is used in FaceBook with 100+ users.

To quantify test framework's reliability, here we quote from the test expert Lisa Crispin (author of 'Agile Testing') "We have a number of Watir suites, plus one big giant suite that includes all the others, the giant one takes maybe 3 hours to run." (here).

Here is a Comparison of Watir with Silk Test (conducted in 2005 by Tuyet Cong-Ton-Nu)


Why TestWise is at such low price comparing to other commercial tools (around $5K-$10K range or more)? Are there any catches?

We believe automated testing shall be accessible to the majority (if not all) team members. We have seen TestWise among the most used softwares in teams embracing automated testing. Developers use it to verify their own work; Customers, Team Leaders, Business Analysts and testers all need it to achieve their respective goals. Here is an example: a team leader runs a test suite before he can go to a presentation confidently. More importantly, you will see the power of team co-operations from using TestWise collaboratively.

There are absolutely NO catches. All the tools (except IDE) are open source and free of charge. The tests created by TestWise IDE can be executed from command line, and may be edited by other IDE or text editors.

The price of $499/$1249 (even including dedicated coaching hours) is not a print mistake!


Why TestWise IDE is not open-source? Our project manager wants to use free, open-source softwares only.

Firstly, 'Open-Source' is not equal to 'Free'. Richcard Stallman, founder of GNU, says: "When we call software 'free', we mean that it respects the users' essential freedoms". TestWise gives your maximum freedom. Its test framework, recorder and runtime are all free and open-source. You can run tests without TestWise IDE. Making tool itself open-source has no benefits to users, just like we want PDF format to be an open standard, but won't really care how Adobe Acrobat Reader is made.

In fact, offering software free of charge is not necessarily good for customers. How often have you seen developers have abandoned free, open-source projects? (You probably won't do your job free for long either.) Our approach is sustainable: developing affordable testing tools that gives users maximum freedom with support.


We have developed test scripts in TestWise IDE. Can our support team run/maintain these scripts without purchasing TestWise Licenses??

Yes: install Ruby and RWebSpec (or just get RubyShell), and run test scripts from command line
 rspec -fs your_spec.rb


Does TestWise IDE run on Mac OS X and Linux platforms?

Yes, TestWise IDE can be run on Linux and Mac OS X. As a matter of fact, the majority of TestWise development was done on Mac. Due to the limited resources, the plan of releasing non-Windows versions are currently considered as low priority tasks. If there are considerable number of demand in TestWise IDE on Linux, we will re-evaluate its development priority.

An early release of Mac version is available for download. Here is a screenshot of TestWise IDE on Mac.


Does TestWise support performance or stress testing, as HP's LoadRunner?

We have a different tool for preformance/load testing: LoadWise.


Can I use TestWise to test native Windows applications?

Yes, but it will be more complicated than testing web applications, as windows applications do not have standard controls like web apps. The test framework is called RFormSpec. It shares the same concepts of using page objects to make tests readable and maintainable.
  1. Download and install AutoIT3, using its "AutoIt Window Info" tool to identify controls. Drawback: no recording tool here.
  2. Open project C:\Program Files\TestWise\samples\form_calculator\calculator.tpr and run it. You will see the ruby test scripts driving Windows' calculator.


Can I integrate RWebSpec tests with continuous build servers?

Yes. We have a free, open-source CI server: BuildWise. Different from many other CI solution avoiding automated UI testing, BuildWise has built-in support for it. As all our software, you get it started in minutes. Visit the free eBook Practical Web Test Automation, which has dedicated chapter showing how to set up a continuous testing server running automated UI tests.


Does TestWise support Selenium?

Yes. Selenium 2 (aka Selenium-WebDriver) is supported since TestWise 2. You may run seleniums tests against IE, Firefox, Chrome on Windows/Mac platforms.


Can TestWise run Cucumber tests?

Yes. TestWise 2 and 3 support tests written in Cucumber as well as RSpec.


How to install TestWise Recorder?

For start, you need have Firefox installed, check out this screencast.

I downloaded and installed TestWise Pro for evaluation, but asked me license on start up?

The likely cause is that TestWise had difficulty accessing the default working folder (under your HOME or USERPROFILE). One workaround is to edit C:\Program Files\TestWise\testwise.properties, change

working_folder = default
to a local folder (without permission or accessing problems), for example, c:\work
working_folder = c:\work

Restart TestWise.

What are the differences between floating license and named license?

A floating (roaming) license allows multiple users to share the use of the software, whereas a named license is locked down to a specific user.


Can we use same license at different machines and locations?

Yes, you can. There are no restrictions on machines or locations. For floating license, you can have concurrent use of TestWise you purchased; For named license, the registered user can use the software on different machines.


Are there any annual fees?

Depends on the license you purchase. Subscription license fee are payable annually. There is no annual fees for users with perpetual licenses. .


Do you offer upgrade?

We offer free upgrades to minor updates and hot fixes. For major upgrade, existing TestWise Users get 50% discount on purchasing.


What kind of software support does your company provide? Do you provide software testing consulting?

Please visit our Wise Support


What are the limitations or restrictions of Commmunity Edition?

TestWise Commmunity Edition has adequate features (including refactoring) to help create, edit, and run test scripts. However, team features such as test debugging, environment selection and reporting are excluded. Cucumber and Watir-WebDriver support are also excluded from Community Edition.

Community Edition is limited to personal or non-comercial use. The conditions for commercial use:

  • Only one person can use TestWise Community Edition in a project team, i.e, only you.
  • No other functional testing tools (including TestWise Professional Edition) are being used in your project.


Why is TestWise not completely free?

TestWise leads the testing tools in terms of being open and affordable. The test framework (RWebSpec), runtime (RubyShell) and recorder are all free of charge.

We don't think free software actually serves customer's best interests, especially GUI software (paying graphic design, dealing with various UI issues, and donation of free frameworks ...). Over the years, we have seen many free, open-source projects being abandoned (for obvious reasons). This could mean loss of your investment of effort and time. Being a paid customer, you will not only have assurance of long-standing products, but also you will know that you can get solid support (note: AgileWay's support will surprise you with joy).

Have a read of this intriguing blog post: 'Which tool would you pick...' from Venkat (Author of 'Practices of Agile Developer')


Does TestWise IDE have some kind of recording tool to record test scripts?

Yes, TestWiseRecorder (a Firefox add-on) can record your operations in a Firefox browser into executable test scripts. Refer installation guide and Screencasts on how to use it.

TestWise 2 has included a recorder for IE (early release).


How to run tests outside TestWise IDE?

Install Ruby runtime and rwebspec gem (with dependent libraries), or simply download RubyShell. Start windows command and run the command.
rspec your_spec.rb 


Can I use Watir syntax in TestWise?

Yes. RWebSpec (the default syntax in TestWise) supports most Watir syntax directly, e.g.
click_link("first: using RWebSpec syntax") # RWebSpec syntax
link(:text, "second: using Watir syntax").click  # Watir syntax


We have already had an existing set of Watir tests, and want to use TestWise IDE, What should we do?

TestWise supports pure Watir tests, but will lose some features. Check sample projects for details.

If you want to switch to RWebSpec (and introduce page objects for maintainability), it will be easier than you think. Running Watir tests against Firefox with TestWiseRecorder enabled, you will get executable RWebSpec test steps. It might also be a good time to do some refactorings.


What shall I do if it didn't launch after installing TestWise IDE?

It may be configuration issues of your machine that prevent TestWise from starting up properly. To find out:

Start Command window (Click 'Start' -> 'Run', type in 'cmd').

  cd c:\Program Files\TestWise

If you can't figure out from the error message displayed, please send it to support@agileway.com.au